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On this hunt you would arrive on day 1, get settled into camp and have an evening meal. You would hunt days 2,3,4,5,6,7, and depart on day 8 after a continental breakfast. This includes 7 nights lodging with all meals, and 6 days hunting. Over the years we have had clients take some excellent bull elk on this hunt. There are bulls coming out of our area most years that are scoring up to and over 400 inches in antler size.

A hunt should never be measured by inches, but if you are going to bow hunt elk, why not hunt in an area where there is a chance of taking a huge bull? We also have good numbers of mule deer and whitetail on the ranches we hunt . We have some hunters each year who take an elk and a deer with their bow on the same hunt. In our area elk and muledeer often use the same trails when traveling from their feeding areas to bedding areas. We have taken over half of our big bulls over the years by hunting water holes and  wallows. This type of hunting is not always easy and it takes patience.

Going after elk with a cow call and bugle also produces bull elk. We do more calling for elk on our later hunts. With our elevation being low for elk country keep in mind that the elk rut often comes later in September and early October. On our archery elk we are not dependent on the rut for getting opportunities. We can take bulls off water sources, on trails between feeding and bedding areas and we can ambush elk in pinch pints where natural terrain narrows the travel routes of the elk. When the elk do bugle we can then cut the distance down quickly and get in front of them for a shot. The biggest factor on this hunt will be how flexible the client is with his or her hunting methods. We will be prepared to hunt the elk with the methods that work best for the week that you are hunting here. We will work with the client and do what is best for everyone to get an opportunity at a bull. Once a client takes a bull on this hunt, he or she will then be able to hunt deer. You can also take a deer any time during the hunt if the opportunity comes along before you take an elk. Deer can be hunted from stands and blinds as well as spot and stalk. Overall, this is a great hunt with high opportunity in great country. This hunt can be successful for someone who is only able to do very little walking or it can be a physical hunt for those that like to cover ground on foot. Either way, there is nothing more exciting than hunting bull elk with a bow along with mule deer on the same hunt!

Archery Elk Details

Arrival dates for 2019                  Fri. Sept. 6
                                                                Fri. Sept. 13
                                                                 Fri. Sept. 20

  3 OPENINGS LEFT FOR 2019      

Arrival dates for 2020               Fri. Sept 4
                                                             Fri Sept 11                                                               Fri Sept 18
6 openings left for 2020

Total cost of hunt with meals, lodging, guide and transportation during hunt
  $4950- 2 hunters per guide (per person)
  $6250- 1 hunter per guide

Booking deposit required- $800
Balance of hunt due by August 1